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Our Values


Bringing people together for running events in the PNW and partnering with local businesses to support our community!


Beautiful medals

There are no higher stakes than being kind to the earth; we care deeply about keeping our planet viable for the next generation. We are the first carbon neutral race production company in Washington state! Read more about what we do to help save the planet. 


We believe in giving back in ways large and small, and that running can be a tool to help make the world a better place. Each of our races benefits a different charity. Orca Running has donated over $350,000 to our non-profit partners since 2018.

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Why run with our pod?

The Scenic Courses

The Scenic Courses

We set our sites on creating courses that highlight the beauty of the PNW and with so many distance options there is a race for everyone, even the kiddos!

The Swag

The Swag

From the super creative and unique medals to the softest shirts around we make sure you want to show off your race day swag.

The Community

The Community

We love our runners! We want you to feel supported and welcome at all of our races. 

The Scenic Courses

Our Commitment to the Environment

There is no running on a dead planet. We feel it is part of our mission to be responsible stewards of the Earth; to that end, we are committed to reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint. Read more here

The Swag

Giving Back

Since 2019, we have donated $329,357 to non-profits and charities, both local and global. We believe that running is a vehicle to make the world a better place, and that a key part of that mission is giving back to causes that align with our values.

The Community

1% For the Planet

We are a member of 1% For the Planet, donating 1% of our pre-tax gross revenue to impact the sustainability of our earth and community for generations to come. 1% of every dollar spent at Orca Running benefits the earth. 

From Our Runners

“Fantastic race. I always love doing an Orca Running Race. They are so well organized and everyone is there for a great time. No matter what speed you are people are supportive and kind. Lots of great food and drink at the finish and the medal and shirt are both gorgeous. It’s my second time doing this race and I love it- my favorite part is that most of it takes place on a broad dirt road trail so it’s not as harsh on your knees as pavement !”


Snoqualmie Valley Half, 2022

“Orca Running is the best little production team in the Pacific Northwest! The scenery: you start out at the beach looking at the Pacific Ocean. You better have your muscles warmed up as you’re immediately climbing the first of 3 ascents towards a lighthouse (too bad the course doesn’t take you by the lighthouse). You’ll make a turn with a nice reward of a descent at mile 2. You’ll get a great view of Vancouver Island (Canada) on the way down and then into some winding roads through the forest. There are several port a potties along the way and water stations every 2-3 miles. With the climb starting you off, you’d be wise to grab water up and down the first ascent/decent because the next stop is a ways a way. You’ll run through a lot of farm areas and then into the last stretch towards another beach for the finish line. A few safety notes: you are running the whole way on active roads with little or no shoulder. There are some spots with frequent cars passing, be aware. Hydration: the water spots are spread out so hydrate before the race and perhaps bring your own liquids. The hills are long inclines. This is a race worth running for the enjoyment of a challenge and epic scenery.

Orca running had beautiful finisher medals and soft, comfy t-shirts. The race is a point to point and they had plenty of shuttles to support.”


San Juan Island Half, 2022

“This was my first 10k and it was a total blast. The production was amazing, the course was great and the scenery was beautiful. Orca running is super organized and professional. I can’t wait to do the half marathon next year! Thank you orca running for putting this on!!!”


Poulsbo Half and 10k, 2019

“This was my first time in any race. Someone gifted me the registration and it was one of the best gifts that I have ever received. The scenery was gorgeous. The organizers were super friendly and enthusiastic and it is clear that they love what they do. Their support, along with other people cheering along, and of course the support of my family, made my day. The atmosphere of exhilaration from everyone at the end was contagious. Runner’s high for a few hours? Mine lasted for days!!”


Orca Half, 2022

“I’m a Pacific Northwest Local, and I would have to say that I was really impressed with how professional this race company is. Orca Racing was so good, they actually had police directing traffic, beautiful finisher medal and t-shirt, and the prettiest half marathon I had an opportunity to explore. I would definitely sign up for Orca Racing events in the future.”


Iron Horse Half Marathon, 2022

“This is my second time running Birch Bay Road Race. Beautiful course, great race company and warm soup or chilli at the end. Orca running is always amazing”


Birch Bay Road Race, 2019

“Running off the ferry boat onto the course is such a unique, fun way to start a race. Bainbridge Island makes for a scenic, charming course and as a beginner trail runner the trails portion was brutal but worth it. I was far from my PR but had a great time and hope to be back in the future. Orca Running was phenomenal and will certainly join them again soon!!”


The Great Ferry Race, 2019

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